Hop Skip and a Title Jump Away!

Awhile back a friend of mine (we’ll call him Peter) who lives so far away, noted he was considering selling his fine Korean automobile. Now, when Peter bought this jalopy his intentions were to maybe keep it around, but more likely, he was to flip the thing. As such, he decided that the prior owners plates were still current and he’d hold off on transferring all the paperwork to himself.

I’m guessing you can see where this story is headed…….But it’s worth re-telling. I had cautioned early on in the purchase of this fine automobile that Peter may as well transfer everything, as based on another friend in the same state (we’ll call him….Paul), had found that no matter what, you gotta pay the tax man and have everything in your name, and price on the BOS means nothing, its what the tax man says its worth.

So FFWD to a few weeks back and Peter decides he wants to sell this 4 wheeled cruise machine, and even seems to have a buyer lined up. I inquired if he’d sorted out his paperwork to which I was told “nah I’m good”. Ok Ok, you got this I say. All seemed good until the buyer needs to acquire funds from a financial institution for the vehicle. Said financial institution will not give him the money unless the vehicle is in the guys name, BUT that can’t happen unless the paperwork is in Peters name. Much to Peter’s chagrin, he decides he’ll pay the piper to get his car sold. Oh, fine and dandy…..except you’re now dealing with the Rona laced DMV.

Now our friend Peter is in a bind. The DMV has to assess his vehicle, but he first needs to schedule an appointment. That fella apparently works once in a blue moon (gotta love government jobs), and all the paperwork HAS to be done at the DMV in person. Apparently this state is so backwoods that they can’t figure out how to process these things online, over the phone, or via Fax machine. So now Peter’s stuck and losing out on a buyer for his jalopy all because he Didn’t Listen to Andrew.


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