Morning Thought 0002 – Are things actually out of control?

If you had no access to a TV, computer, Internet, social media, whatever, would you know that there is a “Pandemic” going on? I know of a handful of people who have tested positive for Corona over the past several months, and yes have heard the random stories of “healthy person randomly dying” from Corona. If it weren’t for the Corona and subsequent pushing of testing (and further vaccination shots), I wonder if these cases would be like the many outliers the medical community saw before we had a new scapegoat to lay blame.

This is not to make light of sad situations that have been happening to us since the dawn of time. The concept of when its your time…’s your time is nothing new. However it seems that we’ve made an incredibly hard push to laying blame in something that I wonder if its any bit as a problem as we are being told.

I keep seeing people talk about spikes, and things being OUT OF CONTROL. However, in my mind, it just doesn’t add up. Is it possible to have an “out of control” pandemic, when every day, every Wal-Mart, Menards, Culvers, McDonalds, etc etc are jam packed with people going about their lives? Is it possible to have an “out of control” pandemic when there was just a Dakar Car\Truck\Motorcycle race through Saudi Arabia, or professional Supercross races, or non-stop college football, or professional sports of any kind? Let’s not even dig into the fact that Amazon has been busier than ever.

It’s continually pushed that there are new spikes, and lord almighty vaccine will save us all. Yet at the same time, we somehow lived the past however many years without being force-fed yearly Flu shots, or being told we MUST get tested. Would we think that the sky was falling if we did that? We’ve had nearly 240x the number of Corona tests as we have had regular yearly Flu tests. Think about that. My gut says yes, and if you’ve got a good gut biome, maybe its time you start listening to it instead of the flashy screen.

But now I’m rumbling as much as my empty stomach…..

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