Morning Thought 0003 – Why I hate mask mandates, and you should too.

I despise being rammed down the nonsense known as mask mandates. It’s not the actual mask mandate itself, but the utter inconsistency in all of it. If there was a clear and consistent “no matter what” your mask is on 100% of the time (and evidence to backup that that would accomplish anything), then I’d be all for it. You know as well as I do, that this just isn’t the case.

Somehow its acceptable that you can sit at a restaurant table without a mask on, but heaven help you if you attempt to walk through the door and the following 10′ to a table without one on. You’ll be treated worse than a leper attempting to reach Jesus. This makes literally NO sense. It’s even more perplexing when people are sitting at tables (or bars) directly adjacent food and or food stuffs. I understand though, they’re trying to let restaurants remain open and not all go under, but is any logic being used here?

Restaurants are one thing, but another which perplexes me are grocery stores. I’ve got a local grocery store which has been 100% mask since day 1 of all this. I can only assume that they’re pandering to the fear of it, because the safety of customers is apparently not #1 on their concerns. This is evident by a quick trip to their meat counter. I’ve watched personnel touch walls\doors\electronics\Cell Phones with gloved and non-gloved hands, and then proceed to touch meats with those same hands without washing them. Then again, 15′ away from this counter is the “allowed eating zone” for their little cafeteria where masks are not required. This is the same place that also has a barrage of Alcohol samplings throughout their facility and the same one which does nothing to clean checkout counters where everyone and their brother is touching credit card readers with their dirty little hands.

Which segways to the next aspect of my disdain for these damned masks. How much more often are people now touching their faces due to these new masks? Not touching your face is rule #1 for helping avoiding catching crap. Talk to any health care worker, and they will tell you that there is a specific procedure for correctly wearing a mask from putting on, to taking it off. Go watch the average person wearing a mask. There’s constant touching of the face above and below the mask. Not only that, but how often do you think people are washing or changing their masks? Beyond disgusting some of these things. I understand again that the larger purpose is to keeps people own disgusting juices inside the mask, but its foolish to just ignore the reality of what’s on the inside is going in.

All of this is why I hate mask mandates and believe you should too. It’s only the tip of my frustration’s iceberg. The way our governments have treated this is akin to a parent trying to BS a kid. We’re not kids, and while apparently many people’s stupidity is bordering on idiocracy, a good chunk of us are not. It’s not hard to see through the disingenuous mandates pushed on us for the sake of “public safety”.

I’ll spare the tinfoil hat digression into where all these masks are originating from….


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