Morning Thought 0004 – How much softer can we get? (old man shakes fist at cloud)

Last night around 5pm, I was told by someone that their kids school had cancelled a sports practice due to the fact that we were supposed to have already been knee deep in about 1000″ of snow. At the time, not a single tiny flurry had fallen from the sky, and yet here these folks were pre-cancelling something out of the fear of what might be. Sure, there is the consideration of the safety of the kids, as well as the parents\guardians who are in charge of getting the kids to these things. But how silly is this?

Let’s get real here. We (I? us them?) live in the Midwest. If you’ve lived here for more than a year, or even 8 months, you’re at least mildly aware of the fact that this area of the world is likely to see some form of snow accumulation during the months known as WINTER. If this is a surprise to you, then I suggest you take a look back at 1st grade science text books. Heck, even my kid who has yet to have a single day of pre-school understands that life + cold = Chance of Snow.

Knowing this, I can only assume that the local Midwesterners who freak out over a chance of snow accumulation have gotten beyond soft. They’re squishier than a corn starch and water concoction. Snow is just a part of life, and Maybe, just MAYBE you take a few steps to prepare yourself for the likely reality of snow, vs just tossing up the white flag of defeat at the first flurry in the sky.

It’s simple. If you are anticipating having to drive somewhere, first make sure your car is actually in decent condition. If you think your 6 year old tires are adequate for snow, then you deserve your crappy drive. It doesn’t take much to keep even decent All-Season tires on your car. Not only that, but pack some gloves, a hat, or even some snow pants. If you’re waddling out like a Wal-Marter in nothing more than flip flops, pajamas, and a bad attitude, then well, I have no sympathy. Again, COLD = BUNDLE UP. Something even a 3 year old understands.

I’m not saying now to go out for no reason if the weather is absolute trash. If you don’t have any real need, then why bother? Ok, unless you’re the type like myself who actually enjoys driving around in the snow. That said, I am capable of enjoying driving in the snow, because I am actually prepared IF something does happen. But why are we seemingly so soft about all this? Are we at the point of just giving up on tough things in life because we can? Think about that for a minute when people talk about how rough life is here.

But hey….I know my views on this are skewed. I recall one winter being watched by my great grandmother when my parents were out of town. I was in grade school at the time and as we went to open the garage to drive out, we found that the garage door was frozen shut. I began to fill with joy as I thought I’d be sledding down the wonderful hill in her yard all day. Then 20 minutes later a taxi cab showed up, at which point I was told to get in and get on my way to school. Meanwhile, my great grandmother was probably thinking “school is barely a mile away, he is old enough to be walking there….” Which I wish she had, as now I’d be able to tell my kid that I had to walk to school in the snow…..uphill both ways.


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