Morning Thought 0005 – “Stop Whining” – Arnold

5 days into these posts and I can just picture Arnold in Kindergarten Cop telling me “Stop Whining”. Very understandable as rants can quickly degrade into petulant ramblings without any sense of resolve. What good is someone rambling and going on, if there is no way to fix or change things?

I had to stew on this for a few days, as I’ve tackled with understanding if there is a way to fix, change, or improve things. I’ve come to the conclusion that there isn’t something that’ll solve all the worlds problems. That said, there is one thing that literally everyone could do more of which would (in my opinion) help resolve MANY issues. More people (including myself) need to just go about and Live Their Lives.

Imagine if more people ignored all the nonsense going on and focused on living their own lives. In addition, imagine too if everyone had one major goal in their lives: To enrich themselves and those around them. I know, this is nothing new or earth shattering. Heck, just about every parent has told their kid “If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.” yet here we are in 2021, and the vocal minority can’t seem to have a nice thing to say about the other, so they spew hatred. This accomplishes nothing.

So my morning thought is this. Whatever I do in a day, before I do it, just ask the question: Is what I’m doing positive to myself and those around me?

“Learn to think, before you speak. And you just might make a point.”

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