Morning Thought 0006 – There’s only one team I fully back.

I’ve never been much of a sports guy. Well not entirely. I’m a big motorsports fan, though I see that in a different light, which that rant I’ll spare for another day. There’s also my love for *cringe* extreme sports *cringe*, but again….another topic, another day. The thing I’ve never really fell in line with is how so many people fall into the trap of MY GUY or MY TEAM. It’s just something that has never translated in my head.

Now I understand to a degree when folks get tied into the heat of the moment with sports. While watching a MotoGP or SuperCross race, I find myself cheering for whoever is fighting a great battle. I’m sure there is some deep down something in our DNA that inclines us to a certain level of tribalism. What I still don’t get is getting so tied into one person\side\whatever that the blinders for the big picture seemingly go on, and all that happens is worship over someone or something that literally cares not even the slightest bit about you.

With this past years election, and all the associated dumpster fires, this worship for one side, and absolute hatred for the other has pushed people to all new heights (depths?). Yet the greatest truth in this, which is lost on so many is that these folks at the top (be it sports\politics\whatever) just don’t care about you. It’s almost sad to see people talking about how this or that person is doing this “for them”, when that’s just not the case. Go read any professional athlete’s autobiography. They are driven solely by THEIR OWN goals. Same goes for the folks in Politics, which is even worse as these fire stokers are supposed to be acting as public servants.

This is why the person\team I put my all into is myself and my family. I’ve realized I will never gain anything in life by putting my heart behind an athlete, sports team, political team, company, product, or whatever. I can only imagine the positives in the world we’d see if more people set aside these built up distractions, and focused on improving their situations. That said, I don’t think that everyone is going to end up with 9 premier class championships like Valentino Rossi, but maybe if a person focused on bettering themselves or their situation, I can only imagine what the world would look like.

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