Morning Thought 0009 – Why don’t you just give up?

The classic cringe by Jerry Seinfeld as Kramer relays to another comedian never fails to have me cracking up. While Kramer is explaining to Sally that she should give up her comedy routine as she essentially….stinks, it has me thinking about something else we should be giving up, and I’m not really one to say anyone should give up on much of anything.

What I do think we should give up on is having anything related to the Rona in our daily discussion. The farce we’re being served will only have credibility so long as we allow it to be a daily presence in our lives. Sadly, I can not go a day, heck, I can barely go an hour without it being brought up. It’s not that people are being intentional about it, its just that it has completely engulfed the worlds sub-conscious.

Yet despite the reality that people aren’t keelin’ over in the streets, businesses are (relatively) back open and operating….many never having stopped, and really, life is going on about normal (albeit now with 2x mask coverings for those “doubling down” on protection…roll eye emoji here); we’ve allowed this topic to be an everpresent being in our otherwise normal lives.

So let me ask this. How has your life been? What’s going on? What’s new with you? What are you up to? I don’t want to hear about a flu shot, or a pile of stats on this study, or that, or how a doctor says this, or a new president is doing this or that. What is actually going on in your life? I know its not all good or bad, but at some point we have to stop letting crap take over our lives. This is no different than food. If we continue to consume crap, not only do the crap providers get bigger and more powerful, but we become dependent on it, and well…..Garbage in. Garbage out. Simple as that.

So I’ll start. Right now I’m in the process of looking at a school for our daughter to be enrolled in. There’s a great place where some friends have their kids and my wife and I are both drawn to this school. On top of that, we’re attempting to keep up with a (just shy of) 4 year old. Beyond that, there’s normal family stuff of planning out our year, our thought of yearly vacation (which some believe should be a monthly vacation spot). Then of course, add in that I’m over here day dreaming about being able to ride on the motorcycle again while seeing the mercury in the thermometer plummet into the bowels of hell it’s so cold (can that make sense?).

That’s me. Now as Sally later says to Kramer……

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