Morning Thought 0011 – Nothing like a tasty Conspiracy Theory

It’s our human nature I think, that we really enjoy a good conspiracy theory. Since the dawn of time we’ve sought to understand all that is life. Our brain is constantly trying to connect all the dots in our lives, so I think its pretty natural that we’ll see some Conspiracy Theories as being totally legit. Now generally, I try to avoid these, as I try to lean towards Occams razor, choosing to believe that the simplest explanation is the simplest. However, sometimes….just sometimes I allow myself to get sucked into the rabbit hole.

Now I’m not gonna go into some Skinwalker Ranch, Bob Lazar, or some manchurian candidate tangent. Those are all beaten to death, and get us nowhere. I am however going to dive into one here that recently came to mind that was burned into my brain over 11 years ago. This single conspiracy theory had me reading for countless hours, and had me going off on friends and family alike about. What….or who am I referring to? The Conspiracy surrounding the party man himself. Andrew W.K.

As I know most folks are not going to have a clue who I’m referring to, I’m talking about Mr. Party Hard Andrew W.K. The rock legend known for long black hair who famously wears only white clothes. I’m sure you’re scratching your head on this one, wondering… can there be some conspiracy surrounding a rock n roll star. Yet, there is. Legend has it that since the introduction of Andrew W.K. there have been multiple characters playing the role of the rocker.

Shocking, I know. The simple idea that a rock n roll artist could be nothing more than a face with a voice. This is really no different from a studio generated boy-band, or something else. Yet despite this, I got sucked in. Maybe it’s because my name is Andrew? Maybe it’s because I too had long black hair? Maybe it’s because it’s rock n roll, and who doesn’t love a good read? I can’t really say for sure. That noted too, I’m not going to go into the nuances of the conspiracy theories, as it’s a fools errand. Sure, if you want to read into a very nice summation of it all, look no further than here:

There’s really no point to this little rambling, other than thinking back on something comical that sucked me in many years back. I have no issue in doing some scratching of the conspiracy itch every now and again. I’m sure we’re all ruled by the Rothschilds and the all seeing eye on every dollar is watching us, there were piles of gold under building #7 and on and on……That said, I think its wise to balance out the extreme with the reality of the simplest answer is often times the correct one. While it’s fun to think that a rock star was a stooge and there’s all these plots behind it, it is far more likely that someone’s physical appearance changed slightly from years of literally….Partying Hard.

I’d ask what your favorites are, but if I ask that, I’ll be finding myself chasing down into the depths, accomplishing nothing. Just as I did pondering the existence of a Rock n Roll star.


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