Morning Thought 0012 – TO THE NUTS!!!

The Bridge Mix! The Bridge Mix! FOOL!

Well, this isn’t so much a morning though as it is an afternoon one. I’m a fan of trail mix. Just a delectable combo of salty and sweet. Get some of them cashews for fattiness, and a good dark chocolate. It can really be golden. It helps that I could probably eat chocolate just about any time of day, and as much as possible to find. That here isn’t the issue.

My issue here is what’s the deal with all the Almonds? It’s not that I mind the almonds, they’re a fine nut. Ok, they’re an adequate nut. But who wants to astonish the world with feats of adequatiquaticsm? I’m guessing its safe to assume that almonds are cheaper than any of the other more tasty nuts? Plus them danged almonds have the skin on there, which is guaranteed to leave brown speckles on your teeth. Plus, you can’t even make quick and easy nut milk out of almonds like you can with Cashews.

So on that note, I’ll stop my whinging, and remember to order up some bulk nuts\chocolates\etc to make my own homebrew mix. What’s your favorite mixture? I know I’ve used some dried mango in the past which is quite tasty and gives a good chew texture. I’ll have to see what else I can scheme up for making a delicious mix that doesn’t have my ranting about it.

To add to this, I’ll also add my simple DIY Cashew Milk recipe. This is about as stupid simple as it gets, and requires nothing more than a blender to make. I’ve even used this recipe for making cashew milk ice cream. Not the best…..but well, adequate?

1C+ cashews (unsalted)
3C Water
2-3tsp Vanilla (to taste)
1-2tsp Kosher Salt (to taste)
1Tbsp Honey\Maple syrup (Optional, I don’t use, but if you need sweet milk, this will do it and au natural!)

To Make:
Soak Cashews in water 4+ hours (I usually do overnight)
Drain water from cashews
Toss ingredients in blender
Blend until smoooth n creamy
Chill before drinking (best cold)

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