Morning Thought 0017 – Why Change is OK

I can’t begin to count the number of times I’ve been told I’m crazy, or what I’m doing makes no sense. I used to take this to heart a bit too much and allowed it to weigh on me more than I should have. If I’ve gone back and looked at decisions I’ve made over my life, it is easy to say that Yes, I was nuts. Though the reality is that’s looking at things in hindsight and with some seriously rose colored glasses.

The reality is that we shouldn’t have any issues with changing our mind, or taking a different course of action than we initially chose. We’re humans and on top of that, there is no reason to have any issues with changing your mind (assuming you’re doing it for yourself or your own doing). No one else (aside from spouse?) could possibly have the full and complete story and absolute understanding of the why’s behind a change. Yet it never seems to fail that if you tell someone you changed your mind about something, you’ll be hit with “Why?”

I personally like to fire back with a why not, or something inline with that. Now, if I’m making decisions that are self-detrimental, way out in left field, or affecting someone else, then yah, the person being affected could ask the question. But others? Meh. So far as I’m concerned, they can stuff their sorry’s in a sack. Or simply, they can mind their own business. If I want to change my mind, then I am free to.

I can’t be the only one wondering this. Maybe other folks don’t think about this as much, and just shrug it off. So why is it that when someone changes their mind on something, or what they’re doing in their life, its flipped on them like they’re ludicrous? I’ve tried looking at my own feelings when hearing someone change their direction on something and again in hindsight just seems like I don’t fully understand what the person is thinking. And how can I? I’ll never have their full data set in which they came to their new conclusion, yet still, its one of those things that’s hard to keep quiet and just listen and try to understand instead of retorting……you’re nuts.

Reality in this is that we’re humans, and our minds and course of direction in life is free to change. Any time, to any direction, about any thing. I think the next time I hear someone suggest to me that they’re considering something different, as my earlier postings suggest, just ask, listen, and to understand. Even if whatever seems like its way out in left field to me, remind myself that change is OK.


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