Morning Thought 0020 – Corona Immune Zones

I’ve got it on good authority that there are some places, or methods of deterrence that are apparently Immune from the Rona, or can stop the transmission of the Rona. Let’s have a looksie……

Amazon – Somehow this gigantic warehousing\retailer\logistics company has been able to be free of the Corona. Through all of this, they have been able to stay open, and have all their delivery drivers bring boxes to every single doorstop. While just about every other business has been forced closed, we apparently NEED all the crap that Amazon is selling. Top Tip….look at where the bulk of amazon goods originate.

Plexi-Glass Screens – Lord have mercy folks. Plexiglass barrier between you and someone else is gonna do nothing for stopping anything to do with corona, or anything else. I laugh even more when I see someone sitting behind one without a mask (not that I think they should be wearing one), but sweet fancy Moses. But hey, I’m sure whoever is pumping out the polycarb sheets is gladly taking in the spike in rona fears.

Restaurants\Bars – Nothing as comical as a person “eating” at a restaurant while some poor worker 2′ away has to have a mask on. Add to that that in order to get into the restaurant\bar, you gotta put your mask on to get to your seat, where you’re free to take it off. Somehow magically nothing transfers in and around you. Exceptionally more comical is when a local grocery store (Like Gooseberries in Burlington, WI) is hellbent on “WEAR YOUR MASK” nonsense, yet right in the middle of the store, they’ve got a restaurant just a couple feet away from other patrons (well and they’re cool with you dropping mask to sample beer\wine\liquor). Fools.

Menards – Again, another retailer who has had literally no need to stop throughout any of this. Everyone and their brother NEEDED to be there over black friday. Yeah, you really needed to get that 2$ Made In China toolset. Sure buddy. This place is another one twisted on getting you to toss a mask on. And heaven help you if you’ve got a kid walking with you. No No NO. No mask…they gotta be in a cart. Could these people be any more stupid? Sure, force a kid in the cart cause their parents are too lazy to keep them controlled. But because they don’t have a mask on? Insert PG13 Gordon Ramsey response here.

Walmart – Another one…..just like Menards. Somehow everyone can pack in there, no issues. Store no matter what is open. I could give the leeway for the food\grocery aspect. But ain’t nobody NEED a giant new plasma LCD TV or whatever. It’s nonsense. They’ve got the leverage ($$$$$$$$) though to tell the governors tossing out these executive orders like the best houses on Halloween that they’re above the law, and can do as they please.

6′ AKA Socially Distant Zone – What dingus came up with this? An arbitrary 6′ will keep us safe? I laugh in your general direction. Use some common sense. You think whatever particles coming off someone are going to completely dissipate before someone else enters that space? Silly Silly Silly. But alas, we got folks thinking we gotta keep 6′ apart, and all will be well.

This is the idiocracy we’re seeing day in and day out. But hey, if you’re one of those that think you need a vaccine, don’t bother. It seem you can just go work at Amazon and not have to worry about getting the Rona. Or maybe just live in Menards where it’s safe, or just sit at a bar with a scotch in front of you. Rona….Solved.


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