Morning Thought 0021 – Goodbye Sprint

This past week my grandfather unfortunately had to say goodbye to his beloved dog Spring. This Great Pyrenees\Australian Shepard pup came into his life via Canada around 12 years ago after an (as I’m told) comical road trip with my father & grandfather which involved some confused\questioning border patrol agents as my grandpa didn’t have a passport.

Road trips aside, Sprint joined my grandpa a couple years after his “minor” car accident back in 2007. As he got Sprint as a puppy, I can only assume that her livelihood as a pup kept him up and moving. Heck, Sprint kept many of us at the shop here up and moving as she constantly did her best to sneak out an open door and proceed to run up and through the neighboring subdivision behind our shop.

Sprint also kept me on my toes when I brought in my (at the time) puppy Bailey. Those two dogs would sprawl for hours much to the chagrin of those in our front office. Later on in life, the two dogs didn’t have the most…..friendly….of relationships when they were both here at our shop, but outside of this area, they two would still run around as dogs should do.

Which leads me to the definitive way you could describe Sprint. Protective and Loyal. While I only knew my grandfathers 1 past dog (Cessna), from what I know, Sprint was the most protective dog ever. If you were to ever get too much in my grandpa’s space, she made her presence known. Not in any loud\vocal manner, but in a way you KNEW she was there, and given her size….you knew it. She was also very consistent on those that didn’t “agree” with her. I don’t know what she picked up on with people, but you would know if you weren’t “on her side” so to speak.

Sprint after a MAJOR haircut

Unfortunately as Sprint got older she dealt with some health issues which she was unable to get the better of. I know she’ll be missed by us and mostly my grandpa, whom she’d faithfully sleep right by his side on a daily basis. Goodbye Sprint. I hope you’re running with all the other dogs wherever that may be.


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