Morning Thought 0022 – Anyone else despise exercise?

I get that as I get older, I need to remain active. It seems no matter how hard I try to get into a proper workout, I just can’t. Yes, I begrudgingly do it as I sit at a desk\chair far too much, but happy about it, no. I’ve tried a handful of things including rowing, running, yoga, bicycling (street), etc etc. Nothing, seems to cut the mustard for me. I’ve been told about the magical “runners high”, yeah…..that seemingly doesn’t exist for me. Even running at ~10k feet I get nothing. You’d think with that amount of lack of oxygen and running I’d be seeing angels, or maybe Elvis, but nothing.

This is not to say that I don’t enjoy SOME forms of exercise, but for some reason in my head they’re not really considered exercise? Maybe it’s because I actually enjoy the activities? I’ve got 2, maybe 3 forms of exercise I could do all day, every day and not a complaint would be heard. If you know me, this won’t be too hard to figure out what they are. Motorcycling (dirtbiking) and skateboarding. I could toss in a 3rd one and that’d be bicycling, but would have to be MTB\trail stuff.

I’ve even had a chance a few years back while living with the in-laws to use my running loop as a skateboard loop. Instead of running the 5 or 6 miles, whatever it was, I’d skate it. Go figure I actually enjoyed that. I assume this stems a bit from running taking little mental energy, whereas skating or riding, I’ve gotta be processing what’s going on? Maybe this explains why I actually enjoyed running in the mountains? There’s a loop I’d run which had elevation, rocks, horse poop….obstacles, it has it all I suppose. Maybe I can’t just zone out?

Now I’ve got myself thinking that instead of not going for a run tonight, maybe I’ll take out the skateboard and do a few laps around town. Of course that is all fine and dandy until I catch a giant curb going into a parking lot again. 😀


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