Morning Thought 0024 – Has the “standard” Flu been all but eradicated?

I was sent a link to the following site:

This is a great resource if you like to dig into numbers, stats, and stuffs like that. As I browsed through, I noted something interesting. Take a look at the image below:

Image snagged 3/11/21 @ 12:00 (noonish)

Ok, per that chart, there’s still ~10 weeks left of “standard” flu season. Yet no spikes for the 2020 season, and the start here of the 2021 season, there’s nothing. It seems the standard yearly flu is all but gone?

So scroll a little further on the link above and you’ll see another chart. It’s got all sorts of fancy colors\etc.

Now, what you’ll do is pick your season (blue box, bottom left), and then at the top, scroll through in a week by week basis. You’ll find something interesting. In the past, we’d see things looking like this:

The above image showing some HIGH flu activity rates. You’ll even note that in early 2020, before we decided to lock every in the houses, and close all “non essential” businesses (no, not amazon or walmart….), that we were dealing with a really high Flu rate:

And like magic, just a few short weeks, the flu was gone. Somewhat “timely” as on par with other flu seasons, as you can see here:

Now let’s just follow this animated jif…

In literally every other year, you’d see those dates explosive with red\orange\purple colors. Like magic…..its gone. I suppose this is the silver lining to the Rona? We’ve magically made the yearly flu disappear!

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