Morning Thought 0025 – Fallen behind as my body falls apart

I’m behind on posts here, so I’ll lay blame on being ahead….errr behind, I don’t know in my body. I’ll spare the details, but at some point here, I’ll likely be visiting a Dr. a bit different than the usual Tor Eckman I have more recently visited. I suppose this is the thanks I get for eating healthy, exercising, and generally attempting to live well.

Tor Eckman - Underappreciated Holistic Healer : seinfeld

The past few weeks has been a reminder to me though that no matter what any professional may tell us is good and safe for us, or that what they advise is OK, in the end what goes in my body falls on me. We have more and more knowledge and information at our fingertips than ever, so a few google searches can easily get us any bit of background information on medical advice, whether its nutrition, supplement, or whatever. We have the power now to be able to do our own qualified research.

I know I know, plenty of doctors will roll some eyes and tell us to quit playing Web MD. However I just don’t care. If they have the evidence\proof\etc to backup what they suggest (aside from “in my XX years of this…..”), then I have no issue accepting that. If not, tough marbles. They aren’t the one that’ll have to deal with whatever consequences of their suggestions. I am.

In conclusion. I got nothing else to say. Just hoping right now I don’t end up looking like an eggplant.

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