Morning Thought 0026 – I got nothing

You’d think after spending 7 hours in the car yesterday driving I’d have something on my mind, but like George calling Jerry……I’ve got nothing. During yesterday’s drive I got sucked into another military history book. I’m always intrigued while I read (listen) to these on all the plans and development of schemes\etc that take place. Then the reality sinks in of how much money is funneled into this, and we have no clue how it’s used, even decades later.

However I don’t’ want to go into some military industrial complex tirade. My body is much too sore, and I’m more than a day late and a dollar short on this. I can barely move my body after Sundays first race of the season. So I’ll just leave it at that. I shall ramp myself back up here, and let my muscles relax a bit.

If you’re bored and wanna see what a harescramble looks like on a dirtbike, check out the video below. Not my beste showing, but considering 1st of the year…..I’ll take it.

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